Contact Us

If you want to promote your free event send a mail to: dublineventguide [at]

with all the details about your event and make sure that you confirm that the event is free. If your event is not free, please decide first how many tickets you can make available for a competition and then send all your information to the same e-mail address.

If your event is NOT free and you can't make tickets available, it can not be listed in the Dublin Event Guide for Free Events even if it is a charity event.

Please ONLY contact us via phone on 087-2931571 if your matter is super urgent and can not be sorted via e-mail. The Dublin Event Guide is a non-commercial spare-time project and there is no receptionist or other support staff. We can not help you to plan your weekend (Yes, people did ring in the past with that request! ;-) ) and all information available is in the weekly newsletter.