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Event Guide for free Events in Greater Dublin

The "Dublin Event Guide (for Free Events)" is Dublin's most popular event magazine that focuses on the vast amount of cultural events for no admission charges. For more than 11 years it was a weekly e-mail magazine that listed, described and recommended 170-200 free cultural events in Dublin City and in the Greater Dublin area. Gigs, Festivals, Talks, Lectures, Exhibitions and much more for all age groups were included. After 600 editions, the Dublin Event Guide was semi-retired and now continues in a new format.

The Dublin Event Guide is a non commercial initiative and is published by Joerg Steegmueller, it has more than 24,000 readers. Instead of a weekly e-mail, there is now an e-mail only when significant events happen and you can subscribe for free on the right here -->>

This site contains the newest edition below and is updated as soon as it is completed (check the date!). But even if there is no new edition here, you probably find some event information on the Dublin Event Guide Facebook Page at!

The newest Dublin Event Guide (for Free Events) below was posted on 04 April 2020:

Dublin Event Guide 650: Nope, doesn’t feel like Christmas! – Events, suggestions and more

DEG Dublin Event Guide (for free events)

  04 April 2020 – No 650

Subscribers: 24,000

Nope, doesn’t feel like Christmas! –
Events, suggestions and more



Hi all!

These are weird weird times. It is one thing to be told to stay at home, to work from home or not to work at all because you are put out of a job (hopefully only for a while). But it is another thing not to know AT ALL, how long this will all last.

On one hand it is a little bit like the “over Christmas” period, from Christmas Eve until 02 Jan (without the Christmas shopping, without the presents and also with no turkey). But on the other hand it is like being grounded for being bold. No going out! No seeing your friends! All fun gone!

Well, I have an idea to change that and to inject a bit of fun and entertainment again. It will all be online and will be free and my Dublin Event Guide family will obviously find out first if it will make it from “idea” to reality. It will be live music and maybe also comedy. If you are a performer and want to be part of it, send me an e-mail ( and if you are interested to “come” to the event (while staying at home!), please tell me on the Dublin Event Guide Facebook Page at Also tell me what day of the week would be best for you. Would Sunday evening be good?

Oh and I also wrote another blog post in my current series “The Corona Files”. It has nothing to do with the Dublin Event Guide, but is read by thousands of people every week, so maybe you are interested as well. The newest post is about the Covid-19 statistics and about how incorrect they are.

And before I tell you about a few events and some other things to do, here is how can help keeping the Dublin Event Guide going even during the nearly Event-free times:

The Dublin Event Guide totally relies on your help to pay the bills and if you bought me a virtual coffee, this would be a great help! You can do that here on the “Buy Me a Coffee” site:

And here are two other ways to help:
You can donate directly via
And for the Revolut users among you, it is super easy via 0872931571.

I appreciate all your help and support!



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The Lockdown

I hope you all got used to the current lockdown – as much as possible. The 2km around your house for walks and runs is not tooo confining for most and since I haven’t heard of any restrictions about frequency of your exercise, the majority of us, can get out and enjoy the nicer weather and longer evenings while at the same time staying far enough away from other walkers or runners.

In Spain and Italy the lockdown is a lot more severe (no exercise and very limited shopping and 270,000 people were fined in Spain!), so let’s hope that the positive effects from our Lockdown Lite will be enough and government won’t opt for stricter rules. In case you need to check again, here is the tool that shows you how far you are allowed to venture out: Just type in your address and change the radius to “2 km”.



Free Delivery on all Books at the Book Depository


I am worried about my mental health! What can I do?

We have never experienced anything like the current situation and the last generation in Ireland and most of Europe that consciously has experienced any lockdowns (in the 2nd World War) would now be around 80+ years of age. So we have no experience to fall back on and that causes severe stress in some people.
If you are worried about your mental health, most importantly talk to friends, family or a mental health professional or helpline. Here are some resources that might help:

Also do yourself a huge favour and stop watching the news for a while and follow the Covid-19 updates on the Internet including Social Media. Media organisations always sensationalise things – it is part of their job unfortunately – and that really doesn’t help you right now. And many social media users love to spread doom and gloom unnecessarily.
If you have a supportive friend or family member, ask them to tell you if something really important happens that you HAVE to know about and otherwise stay away from the news updates.

Some people benefit from reading about how others coped with challenging situations and a great book for that is Victor Frankl’s “Man’s Search for a Meaning” ( The price is less than EUR 7 at the moment and delivery is free via the link above.

Here are some free events for you!!


+ Alan Keane’s Family Art Class 10:00-10:30
+ Midwife led Masterclass (with Covid-19 focus) for pregnant women 10:00-12:00 (Booking required)
+ Online Yoga Flow Class 10:00-11:00
+ Progress Uninterrupted with children with autism – Group Course for Parents, Therapists, Teachers 10:00-11:00
+ Mindfulness during the Madness – Online Family Event 11:00-12:30
+ Live Storytime for kids with Wee Bookworms 11:30-12:00
+ Zumba Toning 11:30-12:30
+ Meridians Chi Kung 12:00-12:30
+ Kids Disney and Marvel Quiz (all ages) 13:00-13:30 (I think this is free, but can’t be 100% certain.)
+ 1sqm Online Karate Seminar 15:00-16:00
+ Yoga Nidra 18:00-18:45
+ Virtual Rave 18:00-00:00
+ I Remember Frank – Frank Sinatra Tribute Live Online 20:00-21:00
+ Guitar Night Live – Ultimate School of Music – Webinar 20:00-21:00
+ Queer Zoom Pub Crawl 20:00


Click Here



+ Yoga Flow 10:00-11:00
+ 10 minutes at 10 – Meditation 10:00-10:10
+ Stretch and Relax 11:30-12:30
+ Fitness for parents and kids – Marcin’s Monkeys 13:00-13:30
++ The Globe Virtual Market 14:00-16:00
+ Anchor Within – Reiki Distance Healing & Meditation 19:00-20:00 (Registration via the ticket link required)


Next Week

+ Fitness for parents and kids – Marcin’s Monkeys – every day 13:00-13:30
+ Yoga or Zumba classes every evening Mon-Fri 19:30-20:30
+ Ukulele Jam Session Mon 06 Apr 19:30-21:00
+ Yin Yoga for Anxiety & Stress Tue 07 Apr 18:00-19:00
+ But Seriously Phil Collins and Genesis tribute? show 20:00-21:00



What can I do apart from watching endless hours of TV?

Here are some suggestions for activities that are not watching TV. Nearly all are completely different suggestions than what I mentioned in previous weeks:

1) After last week’s great virtual tour of our own National Gallery, I would like to bring you to Paris today! Let’s ignore these pesky Lockdown rules and let’s run away to the Louvre for a tour there:

2) If your kids need some motivation for showing their artistic side, here is a great competition by the Kildare Gallery. There are great prizes!

3) Learn something new even if you have done so already last wee! You can do that on YouTube or by reading books or you can buy really good online courses about nearly any subject on Udemy:
Udemy released a long long list of completely free courses for the time during the Covid-19 crisis and you will find this way: Click on the link above and then type into the search field “free course”. In the “topic” field on the left (on a deskop) or via the “Filter” function on mobile, you can choose what area you are interested in.

4) Read ferociously you can buy eBooks and printed books on Amazon via this link that helps the Dublin Event Guide
My preference, however is always Book Depository. Usually the books are cheaper there and delivery is always included in the price:
The two books I recommend this week are the bestseller about hope that was bought 12 mio times
+ “Man’s Search for a Meaning” by Viktor Frankl ( and the book that you need if you want to start a side business or a new business
+ “The $100 Startup: Fire Your Boss, Do What You Love and Work Better To Live More” by Chris Guillebeau (

5) Do some sport and to get some great ideas, check out this home workout videos by David Goggins:

6) And here are two virtual concert suggestions:
It might not be YOUR thing, BUT when Garth Brooks was planning to come to Ireland in 2014, he would have sold 400,000 tickets (the concerts in Croke Park were cancelled by Dublin City). So if you are an open or a secret ;-) Garth Brooks fan, then check this site and look for three mini concerts that he played over the last two weeks together with his wife, singer Trisha Yearwood:

And a completely different musical direction: Music Network Ireland has invited 24 musicians and composers to create new pieces of music and to premiere them online in their “Butterfly Sessions”. The 10-week series will feature two premieres each week. It will start this week  with guitarist and composer John Doyle on Wednesday 08 April and then jazz pianist Carole Nelson will follow on Friday 10 April. The performances are at 19:30.
The full list is here
The performances will be on the Music Network Ireland YouTube channel here


And this week I will leave you with this…

One thing is certain: This exceptional situation will end at some time! We don’t know yet when, but it will definitely end. When it ends, then we need to work together to put all the pieces of our lives back together again.

I am thinking of all the damage that will have been done to small businesses, the damage that our cultural life will have suffered, the negative long term implications of “Social Distancing”, will we ever hug and touch again as before? I am thinking of the fear that will stay in some people of people walking by in close distance. And obviously above all, I am thinking of the loss of loved ones and friends and acquaintances that we will have suffered when it all is over.

In the meantime and to make sure that we limit the damage, let’s keep in touch with all our friends and families and even with people that we don’t know THAT well. Pick up the phone, use Skype, or What’sApp or Zoom or Facetime and just ask someone that you know how they are. They might be happier to hear from you than you think. Not everybody finds it easy to ask for help or support.

And that’s it for this week!

Take care,



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